Scientology's John Carmichael: "I Smell Pussy!"

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Scientology's John Carmichael: "I Smell Pussy!"

Postby Xenu » Tue May 27, 2008 5:22 pm

John Carmichael is the head honcho of the New York org, and has been around for absolutely forever; I remember listening to radio clips featuring him back in the day, and marveling how much he sounded like a collision between Jerry Lewis and my old boss.

Anonymous has apparently been stepping up its New York area protesting (pity I managed to miss this), and had a..."confrontation," shall we say, with the man himself sometime yesterday. The action occurs near the end of the clip, but the rest of it is worth watching. It's amazing how different Anonymous's entire picketing "atmosphere" is from the sort of cowed, what-will-happen-next stuff I remember from the good old days of the LMT.

Hopefully the link will cooperate.

Edit: It didn't, so just watch it here:
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