Congratulations, Luke: Three-Digit Membership Milestone

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Congratulations, Luke: Three-Digit Membership Milestone

Postby Ron » Fri Mar 12, 2004 2:31 am

Don't pop open those bottles of bubbly just yet, Luke. But at 99 members now, there's sure to be another fella [or gal] to sign up sometime soon . . . well, if not soon, then certainly before the upcoming November elections. But as time's-a-tickin' you might think of upgrading the board's software to the better, more expensive version--one with emoticons that move up and down. Oh! Maybe you could get those Ed Bishop-in-a-sweater-vest thumbs up guys. Or, as those are probably copyrighted, how about the art department here at FdotLO coming up with a caricature of Ryan wearing his favorite beret? [Eew. Sorry.] Of course this is your site so please do what you feel is most appropriate. But do remember that very shortly there's going to be a multi-continent celebration. We're all counting on you to make this first of many milestones to come as memorable and festive as possible.
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Postby lukpac » Fri Mar 12, 2004 8:08 am

Duly noted.
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