longer phone wire, or longer Ethernet cables

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longer phone wire, or longer Ethernet cables

Postby Jeff T. » Thu May 31, 2012 4:00 am

I just thought of something.

I have a router which I have mentioned that is serving DSL internet to three computers. This router is actually in the bedroom, right around (other side of) the wall from my computer workstation. The phone jack used is the closer one) on the other side of the wall as well, rather than using the one all the way around the other side of the same room from my computers. I also have a printer on a file cabinet in the bedroom - but wired to computer in the work room. There are cables around the wall along floor/doorway to bedroom. It dosent look as bad as it sounds.

But I have a question, I have the router sitting under a record shelf next to the phone jack. And then three eithernet cables coming from the other room to my three computers. Do you think I would be better off with a long phone jack and then short(er) eithernet cables coming from the router.

I am looking at faster speed, and thinking that the shorter the cables from the router to computers might be the better option. Let the phone cable be the longer one in the series? There might be a difference... or not.


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Re: longer phone wire, or longer Ethernet cables

Postby lukpac » Thu May 31, 2012 6:01 pm


Assuming there are no blatant problems, Ethernet is good for 100m. No reason to worry about extra cable length.

As for the phone/DSL, it depends on your speed and connection health. If you already have a solid signal and good wiring, a few more feet won't hurt. If your connection is borderline, though, I wouldn't advise using any more phone line than you have to. I have my DSL modem connected right where the phone line enters the house to avoid any possible problems. I also have one master filter there so I don't need one on every jack.

The speed of your DSL will be the limiting factor in your setup. Of course, if you are already connecting at the speed you are provisioned at you have nowhere faster to go.
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