Taking a chance on a D-Link wired router

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Taking a chance on a D-Link wired router

Postby Jeff T. » Fri Dec 31, 2010 5:29 am

My Linksys router bit the dust a few months back, and I thought at the time it was in need of a reinstall/setup. But tonight after going through the setup with the original install disc I see it is not taking. I did get 7 years out of that Linksys which I just found out was really good years of use. Many folks get only 2 - 3 year and thats it.

I decided to order a D-Link EBR-2310 as it is the only wired router not getting horrible reviews on amazon. And it was only $35 w/ free shipping.

The worst thing about it they said was the non-English speaking phone help which was useless even when you could understand them. I figure that If I can't get it going after a few hours, I can return it to amazon as they are the best about returns.

I want to wait another year or two before going wireless at home. I think that the technology might get a bit better and it might get a bit cheaper for the better routers. And I already bought three extra long Ethernet cables years ago that are not in the way and can't be seen too easy. I may as well keep them in place for the moment.

My CD ripping and tagging project is on hold at the moment because I need to have more than one computer going so that I can get through it at twice or three times the speed of one computer.