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Laptop optical drives

Posted: Wed Nov 12, 2008 10:31 pm
by lukpac
The optical drive on my laptop just died, and while I've got a PSP, it wasn't very good to begin with, and I don't feel like giving up my laptop to Best Buy for 3 weeks. A new LiteOn is only about $50, so I'm thinking I'll just buy a new one. I'm wondering though - do all drives these days have the same mounting system for bezels? I have two Gateway laptops around here, and both snap on in the same way, but I've got an older Sony and the bezel has different mounting points. That is to say, I currently have the Sony drive in my Gateway, but the Gateway bezel won't fit on the drive.

Is the Sony just a relic? Or are the mounts not universal?

And for that matter, does anyone have any laptop drive recommendations? LiteOn apparently only offers one drive, and the specs and features are pretty lacking compared to their desktop drives.