iPod Headaches

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iPod Headaches

Postby Beatlesfan03 » Mon Nov 27, 2006 11:30 pm

I've got a 4GB mini that seems to be going through some issues.

Last week, I went to remove songs from the library and add some new ones. Instead of normal seamless process, I got a fatal error and had to restore the iPod. During the resync after the restore, the process stopped twice long before all the songs had been transferred (iTunes and the iPod both displayed OK TO DISCONNECT). I was able to continue the sync and all the songs seem to transfer with no issues.

When shuffling later, a track came up and froze for about 10 seconds before it played a short burst of music and then skipped to the next track. Occasionally, the iPod would let me go back to the track where it would repeat the above issue or skip to a different track. One time, I was able to access the "damaged" track and after a pass through the track using fast forward, the song worked fine. It should be noted that these songs do fail on the iPod, they still play fine in iTunes.

Also, my song count seems to fluctuate. Right now, there are 900 songs and two podcasts on there. When going into shuffle, the count sometimes go up to 902 (I'm assuming its pulling in the podcasts here) and sometimes as low as 896. I am curious as to what cause these songs to disappear, then reappear.

The iPod was recently at the Apple store where it got a clean bill of health (had what I thought was a battery issue). I am using the latest version of iTunes and I have noticed that after the library syncs, it then does a scan for the gapless tracks (which I know the mini doesn't recognize). Is it possible that the software is causing my iPod to hiccup? Any ideas or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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Postby krabapple » Tue Nov 28, 2006 10:26 am

I had endless probs with my 30 Gb ipod right out of the box (interfacing with itunes on Windows) until I finally reformatted the sucker. It's worked OK since then.
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