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Firefox CPU issues?

Posted: Fri Jun 02, 2006 9:31 am
by lukpac
Anyone else have this problem? I'll be using Firefox without problems on XP and then put my laptop into hibernation. After turning it back on, though, about half the time things will be really unresponsive. The scroll region on my trackpad won't work in Firefox at all, and sometimes the cursor itself won't even move. Task manager will show 99% CPU utilization by Firefox. Going to different sites makes no difference, but stopping Firefox and restarting it does.

I've had Firefox go nuts on some Flash animations before, but this seems to be different.

Posted: Fri Jun 02, 2006 10:28 am
by Rspaight

Posted: Fri Jun 02, 2006 10:31 am
by lukpac
Ack, replace "3000+" with "3400+" and that's me.