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Posted: Sat Oct 30, 2004 11:23 pm
by Kjoerup
I know this off the main topic, but, sorry, I can't sit idly by while grossly distorted facts about Western intervention in the Yugoslavian conflict are being recklessly tossed around in this thread. (I know you guys don't mean to.) The US, Canada, and Western Europe bear responsibility for this tragedy, and none of them (NATO), particularly the US, is a knight in shining armor. Far from it.

The best source for the truth of this matter - what it was really all about, who caused it, and why - is our noble neighbor to the north, James Bissett, the former Canadian ambassador to Yugoslavia.

(Bissett is no mere pundit, nor is he a misinformed lefty with an agenda to push. Instead, he is a man who faithfully served his country and served it well, and woke up to the rudest awakening imaginable. Cliff should rightfully feel proud to claim Bissett as his fellow countryman; I certainly would be.)

Bissett's site should be required reading:

Posted: Sun Oct 31, 2004 8:37 am
by Gee Oh Are Tea
You make some great points, Kjoerup. In comparing it to the theme of this thread, I'm not sure what the final body count was in Bosnia (I don't even think they've come close to unearthing all of the mass graves).

What a lot of people don't realize is that there was no physical intervention in Bosnia. It was a negotiated settlement (division between the Croats, Serbs and Muslims). It is often confused with the 1999 NATO intervention in Kosovo (a different issue altogether).

Canadians are all over the place on Bosnia. The most interesting thing would have been if Brian Mulroney had still been Prime Minister during the 1992-1995 period. His wife, Mila, is a Bosnian Serb (born in Sarajevo) and it would have caused big-time family strife if he had authorized some sort of Canadian force on the Bosnian Serbs. As it was, he was not in power, and when questioned mumbled something about their being attrocities on all sides (which there were but the Serb-inflicted ones were many factors higher).

Now back to your regular programming ....... Justifying War Crimes with George W Bush.