Audio DiffMaker : difference signal extraction software

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Audio DiffMaker : difference signal extraction software

Postby krabapple » Thu Mar 29, 2007 10:34 am

I got twigged to this new app via one of's endless debates on ABX. It purports to automate the process of level-matching, aligning, and subtracting two recordings, allowing relatively easy 'difference signal' extraction (what Cool Edit/Audition users have long called 'invert/mixpaste'). Haven't tried it yet, but thought people here might be interested.

some of the tests the author suggests are suitable for the Diffmaker :

When you are interested in whether an audio signal is actually being changed by:

* Changing interconnect cables (compensation for cable capacitance may be required)
* Different types of basic components (resistors, capacitors, inductors)
* Special power cords
* Changing loudspeaker cables (cable inductance may need to be matched or compensated)
* Treatments to audio CDs (pens, demagnetizers, lathes, dampers, coatings...)
* Vibration control devices
* EMI control devices
* Paints and lacquers used on cables, etc.
* Premium audio connectors
* Devices said to modify electrons or their travel, such as certain treated "clocks"
* Different kinds of operational amplifiers, transistors, or vacuum tubes
* Different kinds of CD players
* Changing between power amplifiers
* General audio "tweaks" said to affect audio signals (rather than to affect the listener directly)
* Anything else where the ability to change an audio signal is questioned
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