SACD "needle drops"

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Postby krabapple » Tue Mar 22, 2005 1:11 am

Sheesh, I bow to NO lukpaccer in my ability to be an asshole (OK, prix excepted), but I refuse to accept that soubriquet for calling *Grant* out on his foolishness. His history of misplaced overconfidence in his hearing, his assumption that what he heard is real, and his lame, unqualified rationalizations for same, speak for themselves. That he would ponder the role of his *interconnects*, for christ's sake, before other causes for what he supposedly 'heard' , is just typical.

Earlier in the thread, Luke, you strove to equate me with Grant and his ilk, on the basis of a phrase you insisted on taking out of context. Don't know why, because it seemed clear to me that I qualified what I wrote, in a way audiophools almost never do, but there it is. I explained myself again for your benefit. My position on the 'truth' of anything I claim to hear should be crystal-clear by now. So let that frickin' bee out of your bonnet already.
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