Bob Dylan - Modern Times

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Jeff T.
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Bob Dylan - Modern Times

Postby Jeff T. » Sun Nov 30, 2008 7:05 am

I finally got around to listening to this album several weeks ago as a library borrowed CD. Pretty big improvement over "Love and Theft" which I hated. Mainly I hated the way they electronically treated Bob's voice to make it sound smoother - which sucked the life out of it imo.

Anyway, Modern Times has the blues, and also some early rock n' roll riffs all over it. And when you think about it, parts of it sound a lot like the early electric stuff on "Bringing it all Back Home" and "Blonde on Blonde." You don't hear people often comparing this late era with those early Dylan works. But there is that electric blues/rock thing. What it all means to me is that this artist has come full circle. The is in fact a good thing when so many greats have died off, or gone to mush before their voice or playing ability failed them. I heard touches of the early electric stuff on Time Out of Mind too. And hear again.

I would not be surprised if Dylan did not record another studio album for years if at all. There is not much to prove now at this point is there.

I need to catch Bob once more in concert. The last Los Angeles appearance I missed due to another show the same night and price of tickets was a factor.