New "His Masters Choice" Lennon titles

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New "His Masters Choice" Lennon titles

Postby Xenu » Fri May 25, 2007 2:30 am

So these have finally hit the internet, thanks to the late JPGR and Demonoid. Problematically, the rips aren't "anal-retentive collector quality"; there're no tags and the files and poorly named, for one, and the set I grabbed didn't seem to have logs.

That aside, they're pretty interesting, if mostly in an archival sense; intriguingly, the material serves (somewhat) as an elaboration on that "Remember" disc that Yellow Cat put out a few months back. The first volume is called "It's Gonna Be Alright," a 2-CD set focusing mainly on POB outtakes. Right from the beginning, it seems pretty evident that these are digital transfers that escaped the "Lennon Anthology" project, as the set bobs and weaves around longer edits of and/or take sequences that appear on that set. Disc 1 is a hodgepodge, consisting of several demos and miscellany, some of which may be new...but given my lack of encyclopedic familiarity with Lennon outtakes, I'm hesistent to set anything in stone. Disc 2, which features "take after take" of "Love" and "Hold On" probably debuts the lion's share of the new material. Irritatingly, the rip I have of disc 2 seems to sport some digital errors, but I don't know whether these exist on the source discs or merely this extraction thereof.

"Remember New York City" is next up, and features...well, err, entire discs of "Remember" and "New York City." Obviously, the "Remember" takes are more interesting, but they're ruined by very improperly set levels: everything's clipping almost all the time. If this is on the source disc...

Lastly, we have "Come On, Listen to Me," the "Walls and Bridges" disc. Once again, Disc 1 serves as a hodge-podge, featuring a lot of material we've heard before (single edit of #9 Dream, some of the rehearsal tapes) allegedly in improved quality. Disc 2 is Take After Take of "Whatever Gets You Through the Night," and is apparently almost all new.

While I doubt I'll be listening to these sets all too frequently, I'm pleased as punch that they exist--at this late stage, getting any new material is somewhat amazing. I appreciate that YD/HMC's marketing strategy seems to accept the realities of the internet, as these pieces are apparently an extremely limited edition (soon to be knocked off domestically) that feature excellent artwork and superbly annotated booklets. If YD/HMC recoups his investment, and is thus inspired to release the additional material that no-doubt exists, more power to him.
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Postby the 801 » Fri May 25, 2007 11:39 pm

Nice summation -- straight & to the point.

I'm just glad you were able to hook-up with JPGR before the plug was pulled... :wink: