Rolling Stones: Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 7? Suggestions?

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Rolling Stones: Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 7? Suggestions?

Postby JWB » Thu Aug 02, 2007 6:55 pm

Since Time Trip 5 has some officially released stuff on it (Heart Of Stone), I'm thinking of maybe doing a Volume 7 of Unsurpassed Masters that will contain the bulk of Time Trip 5 plus other stuff.

What do you guys think I should put on it? Anything I forgot to put on the first 6 volumes? Is there anything I should upgrade?

Here's the tracklisting for Volumes 1-6...

VOL. 1
01 Mick Talks About Bootlegs
02 Baby What's Wrong (Outtake 3/11/63)
03 Diddley Daddy (Outtake 3/11/63)
04 Bright Lights, Big City (Outtake 3/11/63)
05 I Want To Be Loved (Alternate Take 3/11/63)
06 Roadrunner (Outtake 3/11/63)
07 Come On (BBC Session 9/23/63)
08 Memphis, Tennessee (BBC Session 9/23/63)
09 Roll Over Beethoven (BBC Session 9/23/63)
10 It Should Be You (Outtake 11/63)
11 Leave Me Alone (Outtake 11/63)
12 That Girl Belongs To Yesterday (Outtake 11/63)
13 Not Fade Away (Alternate Take 1/64)
14 Wake Up In The Morning (Rice Krispies Jingle 2/64)
15 Andrew's Blues (Outtake w/ Gene Pitney 2/4/64)
16 Route 66 (Live On The BBC 3/19/64)
17 Cops And Robbers (Live On The BBC 3/19/64)
18 You Better Move On (Live On The BBC 3/19/64)
19 Mona (Live On The BBC 3/19/64)
20 Hi Heeled Sneakers (Outtake 6/64)
21 Stewed And Keefed (Outtake 6/64)
22 Down In The Bottom (Outtake 6/64)
23 Tell Me Baby (Outtake 6/64)
24 As Time Goes By (Demo 1964)
25 Blue Turns To Grey (Alternate Version 7/64)
26 Around And Around (BBC Session 7/17/64)
27 If you need Me (BBC Session 7/17/64)
28 I Can't Be Satisfied (BBC Session 7/17/64)
29 Crackin' Up (BBC Session 7/17/64)
30 2120 South Michigan Avenue (BBC Session 10/8/64)
31 Down The Road Apiece (BBC Session 3/1/65)

All tracks MONO except 16-23 which are STEREO.

VOL. 2
01 Everybody Needs Somebody To Love (BBC Session 3/1/65)
02 The Last Time (BBC Session 5/1/65)
03 Oh Baby, We Got A Good Thing Goin' (BBC Session 8/20/65)
04 The Spider And The Fly (BBC Session 8/20/65)
05 Cry To Me (BBC Session 8/20/65)
06 Fanny Mae (BBC Session 8/20/65)
07 (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (Backing Track 5/65)
08 Looking Tired (Ouattke 9/65)
09 19th Nervous Breakdown (Alternate Mix 12/65)
10 Paint It Black (Backing Track 3/66)
11 Sometimes Happy, Sometimes Blue (Demo 12/66)
12 Yesterday's Papers (Demo 8/66)
13 Yesterday's Papers (Backing Track 8/66)
14 Let's Spend The Night Together (Backing Track 11/66)
15 Ruby Tuesday (Backing Track 11/66)
16 Please Go Home (Backing Track 8/66)
17 Get Yourself Together (Outtake 8/66)
18 Have You Seen Your Mother Baby, Standing In The Shadow? (Alternate Mix 8/66)
19 We Love You (Backing Track 6/67)
20 Citadel (Backing Track 6/67)
21 2000 Light Years From Home (Backing Track 7/67)
22 Gold Painted Fingernails (Instrumental Outtake 7/67)
23 On With The Show (Backing Track 7/67)
24 Jumpin' Jack Flash (Backing Track 3/68)
25 Child Of The Moon (Backing Track 7/67)

All tracks MONO except 8-9, 13-16, 18-23 which are STEREO.

VOL. 3
01 Did Everybody Pay Their Dues (Outtake)
02 Dear Doctor (Alternate Mix)
03 Downtown Suzie (Alternate Mix)
04 Blood Red Wine (Outtake)
05 Highway Child (Outtake)
06 Hamburger To Go (Outtake)
07 Sister Morphine (Alternate Mix)
08 Still A Fool (Outtake)
09 Family (Alternate Take)
10 Memo From Turner (Alternate Take)
11 Gimmie Shelter (Alternate Mix w/ Keith vocal)
12 You Got The Silver (Alternate Mix w/ Mick vocal)
13 I'm A Country Boy (Outtake)
14 Jiving Sister Fanny (Alternate Mix)
15 Honky Tonk Women (Alternate Mix w/ different lyrics)
16 Country Honk (Alternate Mix without fiddle)
17 All Down The Line (Demo)
18 Loving Cup (Early Take)

Tracks 1-9 recorded March-June 1968 ("Beggars Banquet" Sessions)
Track 10 recorded November 1968
Tracks 11-18 recorded February-June 1969 ("Let It Bleed" Sessions)

All tracks STEREO except 10 which is MONO.

VOL. 4
01 Wild Horses (Alternate Mix)
02 You Gotta Move (Alternate Mix)
03 I Don't Know The Reason Why (Outtake)
04 Sway (Alternate Mix)
05 Dancing In The Light (Instrumental Outtake)
06 Cocksucker Blues (Outtake)
07 Shine A Light (Alternate Take)
08 Alladin Story (Instrumental Outtake)
09 Leather Jacket (Instrumental Outtake)
10 Good Time Women (Outtake)
11 Potted Shrimp (Instrumental Outtake)
12 Shake Your Hips (Alternate Mix)
13 Silver Train (Alternate Take)
14 Sweet Virginia (Alternate Mix)
15 Stop Breaking Down (Alternate Mix)
16 Travellin' Man (Outtake)
17 Brown Sugar (Alternate Take w/ Eric Clapton)
18 Ain't Gonna Lie (Outtake)
19 All Down The Line (Alternate Mix)
20 Exile On Main Street Blues (Promotional Song)

Tracks 1-2 recorded December 1969 at Muscle Shoals, Alabama
Track 3 recorded October 1969 at Elektra Studios, Hollywood
Tracks 4-16 recorded March-October 1970 ("Sticky Fingers" Sessions)
Track 17 recorded December 18, 1970 at Olympic Studio, London
Tracks 18-19 recorded June-November 1971 ("Exile On Main Street" Sessions)
Track 20 recorded March 28, 1972 at Sunset Sound, Los Angeles

All tracks STEREO except 4, 13, 19 which are MONO.

VOL. 5
01 Criss Cross (Outtake)
02 Waiting On A Friend (Alternate Mix)
03 Tops (Alternate Mix)
04 Seperately (Instrumental Outtake)
05 Living In The Heart Of Love (Outtake)
06 Drift Away (Outtake)
07 Dance Little Sister (Alternate Mix)
08 Till The Last Goodbye (Alternate Mix)
09 If You Can't Rock Me (Alternate Mix)
10 Act Together (Instrumental Outtake)
11 Fool To Cry (Alternate Mix)
12 I Got A Letter (Instrumental Outtake)
13 Cellophane Trousers (Instrumental Outtake)
14 Slave (Unedited Backing Track)
15 Come On Sugar (Outtake W/ Jeff Beck)
16 Munich Reggae (Instrumental Outtake)
17 Start Me Up (Demo)

Tracks 1-4 recorded November-December 1972 ("Goats Head Soup" Sessions)
Tracks 5-9 recorded January-May 1974 ("It's Only Rock & Roll" Sessions)
Tracks 10-17 recorded December 1974-March 1975 ("Black & Blue" Sessions)

All tracks STEREO except 2, 17 which are MONO.

VOL. 6

01 Respectable (Alternate Mix)
02 Claudine (Outtake Version 1)
03 Miss You (Alternate Mix w/ scratch vocals)
04 When The Whip Comes Down (Alternate Take)
05 Do You Get Enough (Outtake)
06 Hang Fire (Alternate Take)
07 Fiji Jim (Outtake)
08 Can't Help It (Outtake)
09 Far Away Eyes (Alternate Mix)
10 Everlasting Is My Love (Outtake)
11 Shattered (Alternate Instrumental Take)
12 I Need You (Outtake)
13 No Spare Parts (Outtake)
14 Petrol Gang (Outtake)

01 Start Me Up (Alternate Mix)
02 Hang Fire (Alternate Mix)
03 Black Limousine (Alternate Mix)
04 So Young (Outtake)
05 Yellow Cab (Outtake)
06 You Win Again (Outtake)
07 Lies (Alternate Mix)
08 Never Make You Cry (Outtake)
09 Claudine (Outtake Version 2)
10 Where The Boys Go (Alternate Take)
11 Dance (Unedited Backing Track)
12 Summer Romance (Alternate Mix)
13 It's Cold Down There (Instrumental Outtake)
14 Linda Lu (Outtake)
15 Little T&A (Alternate Take)
16 Let's Go Steady Again (Outtake w/ Chrissy Kimsey)
17 No Use In Crying (Alternate Mix)
18 I Think I'm Going Mad (Alternate Mix)
19 We Had It All (Outtake)

Disc One and Disc Two, Tracks 1-9 recorded October 1977-March 1978 ("Some Girls" Sessions)
Disc Two, Tracks 10-19 recorded January-June 1979 ("Emotional Rescue" Sessions)

All tracks STEREO except Disc One, Track 9 which is MONO.

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Postby JohnS » Fri Aug 03, 2007 8:48 am

Vol.2 could use one of the most obscure and overlooked outtakes from the mid 60s, 'Trouble In Mind.' It's a 12-bar instrumental with kazoos - I kid ye not - supposedly from 1966. I think it circulates from a radio broadcast a few years ago where Chris Jagger played some of his collection, and this was an acetate he brought along. Sound quality isn't great, and it's hard to say where it's from exactly, but it certainly sounds authentic and has a bit of chat which sounds like Keith or maybe Brian
I have it on a CD-R called 'Little Boy Blue & The Blue Boys' on the Pignose label - I think I put it on a comp I sent to Luke some time ago :wink:

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Postby Aftermath » Fri Aug 03, 2007 4:50 pm

Yep. thats a pretty odd one. Always sounded to me like an impromptu jam at the end of a BTB session. Sort of captures the increasingly looney spirit of the times.

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Postby Jeff T. » Sat Aug 04, 2007 3:35 am

Still a Fool is one awesome blues cover, one of their best. (Vol. 3)

I kind of like the way those tracks flow on the original Trident Mixes double LP set. I beleive all CD versions are from this LP bootleg. I did nmy onw needle drop as one of the very first LP to CDRs I ever did. I went back years alter and removed pops and clicks by hand and then reburned it.

Stones collectors have had it good on the land of Hot Wacks, Yellow Dogs, Crystal Cats, and Kornyphones. :lol: :lol: :lol: