The Who - new titles making the rounds.........

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The Who - new titles making the rounds.........

Postby Jeff T. » Wed Sep 20, 2006 9:41 pm

Some of these might not be new masterings, but reissh junk

***The Who: Madison Square Garden March 11th, 1976 double CD set ... ubleCD.jpg
The Who’s 1976 U.S. tour got off to an inauspicious start in Boston when Keith collapsed after just two songs and was taken off to the showers to be revived, to no avail resulting in the rescheduling of the show for a later date. The following evening’s Madison Square Garden show was postponed by a day to give Keith a chance to recover, and the band came back the next night with all guns blazing and something to prove, both to themselves and the fans. This double CD set captures that entire two-hour show in the best available sound, more than 30 years after the fact and on the eve of the band’s return to this legendary venue this month.

The Who: The Cow Palace, San Francisco, November 20th, 1973 NTSC Codefree DVD
New from 4Reel comes this classic moment of Who history, preserved unwatched for years in Bill Graham’s extensive footage archives. This was the first U.S. date on the band’s tour supporting the Quadrophenia album and the show was going fine until Keith Moon slumped over his drums a few bars into “Won't Get Fooled Again”. After a long delay (as roadies revived Moon backstage) The Who began playing “Magic Bus”, but before long Keith collapsed altogether and was promptly taken backstage and then to hospital. “Hey,” shouted Pete Townsend to the crowd, “Can anybody out there play drums? I mean good. Any takers come up here onstage.” And shortly thereafter, 19-year-old Scott Halpin (who had bought a scalper's ticket to get into the show) took a seat on Keith Moon’s legendary drumstool and did the best job he could of accompanying the band through the last few numbers of the set. This footage wasn’t even thought to have existed today until recently, and

The Who: Purple Hearts and Power Chords NTSC Codefree Double DVD ... chords.jpg
Here it is folks, the hotly anticipated new Who double DVD release “Purple Hearts and Power Chords”, a veritable smorgasbord of rare Who footage from between 1965 and 1969 with live performances, TV appearances, interviews, promo reels and more, with a running time of over four hours! I have uploaded and easy-to-read tracklist here: ... cklist.jpg

The Who: DVD Anthology 1967-1973 NTSC Codefree DVD ... 67-73.jpga
This new Who release is a great collection of footage, but rather annoyingly it duplicates much of the material on the new “Purple Hearts and Power Chords” double DVD, listed above. For ease of navigation, I have uploaded a complete tracklist upon which I have marked every track which is NOT on the “Purple Hearts” set with an asterisk *. You can see it here: ... Dtracklist

The Who: Summer of ‘74...Live at Charlton Athletic FC 1974 NTSC Codefree DVD
This show was taped by BBC2 Television and broadcast on the show “Second House” on October 5th, 1974. The last four bonus tracks were never broadcast. Pete was also interviewed by Melvyn Bragg during the programme, (see track one “Pete interview”). This is actually an in-depth interview with Pete in a startlingly honest and open frame of mind. Four songs from this show, 'Substitute', 'Drowned, 'Bell Boy' and the 'My Generation Blues' jam can be seen in the video Thirty Years Of Maximum R&B Live. The last song of the show, “My Generation Blues” was the first ever performance of the slower 12-bar blues arrangement of 'My Generation', known within the group initially as 'Slow Generation Blues'.

The Who: Isle Of Wight 1969 NTSC Codefree DVD and CD set ... ht1969.jpg
Easily the most significant Who archive footage to be released in years, this is a phenomenal DVD of The Who Live At The Isle of Wight on Sunday, August 31st, 1969. The DVD is loaded with additional bonus footage like newly-discovered footage of the band’s performance at Woodstock, and it even includes an extra audio CD! Originally thought never to have existed, the 4Reel production company stumbled upon this original black and white footage of The Who’s classic performance at the seminal 1969 Isle Of Wight festival and it’s a powerful “Tommy”-heavy performance...22 tracks in all. Among the bonus DVD footage on this disc is some incredible newly discovered black and white footage of The Who’s performance at Woodstock, shot from right in front of Pete...20 tracks in all. Other bonus clips on the DVD include some rare footage of the band in the studio working out the arrangement for “Pictures of Lily Sessions” from 1967, I'm a Boy from French TV in 1969, Pinball Wizard from The Tom Jones Show in 1969, and a short clip from French TV of the Isle of Wight performance. This DVD also comes with a bonus CD of an uncirculated recording of the band live at the Boston Tea Party in November 1969...23 tracks in all.
With over two hours of video footage and an hour and a quarter of audio on the CD, this set brings you a snapshot of The Who at the peak of their creativity and live prowess...the Summer of ‘69!

The Who: Seattle Kingdome 1982 NTSC Codefree ... ngdome.jpg
A great performance from October 20th, 1982, mid-way into the farewell tour, this show was filmed for broadcast and the sound and picture are brilliant.