George Jones on Musicor Records

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Jeff T.
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George Jones on Musicor Records

Postby Jeff T. » Sun Nov 12, 2006 8:30 pm

You know that the Jones recordings on this label are very poorly represented on CD. There might be 20 albums worth of material, and about 45 minutes worth of it on CD.

But of course that's why the CD burner was invented. I did my own 100 track 4 CD collection a while back from various LPs I got out of the used bins. Mint sealed 1981 reissues, Near Mint originals, and some thrift store junkers that were a bit beat up. But when you have that big a project going what's a little tick and click deletion work.

This Honky Tonk shit just rocks. The track 4033 is a good enough place to start.

It rocks when the real rock world no longer rocks your world.