Alan Parsons Project remasters...

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Alan Parsons Project remasters...

Postby stevef » Sat Aug 05, 2006 3:28 am

Alan Parsons Project remasters are coming...

from musictap--

Alan Parsons is working on a 3CD compilation of his work, which will be released primarily in Italy and Holland later this year. An edited, scaled back set will be released in the rest of the world in January of 2007. However, the better news is that Parsons is working on remastering the Arista catalogue of his work beginning with 1977's I Robot and ending with 1987's Gaudi. They will NOT be surround mixes, however. There will be revamped booklets with uncovered photos of the period, and perhaps some found bonus tracks from the various periods.

Further details can be revealed here:

Alan Parsons -- Current News

Updated: July 27, 2006


(July 27/06): Today I have good news and bad news.

First the bad news: the compilation has been delayed.  The good news is the reason why it's delayed.

Later this year a 3CD version of the compilation will come out in Holland and Italy, and then an edited version will be released to the world in January, 2007.

Now the reason for the delay:

I'm finally able to tell you all the great news.  The compilation was never about just putting out yet another compilation.  The new compilation was meant to be part of a much bigger project: the re-launch of the original albums by The Alan Parsons Project.  In 2007, Sony BMG will re-release the original Arista-era albums ("I Robot" 1977 through "Gaudi" 1987).

The delay is caused by the fact they are not just slapping this together and hustling it out.  Furthermore, you're finally getting what you've been asking for:

For years I've been swamped by emails asking, "When will they remaster the old albums?"  Alan has been personally remastering all nine albums and has said the results are far better than he expected they could be.  They will be digital remasters rather than surround mixes.

In the past, many have also been disappointed by the CD booklets, noting that some artwork from the original vinyl albums was lost.  The good news is that the new remasters will sport brand new booklets with both the classic artwork you know well, along with rare and never before seen images from that period.

And of course, people have also been wanting rarities and bonus tracks for years.  Both Alan and Eric Woolfson have been going through their personal archives looking for lost material and the results of that search will be revealed on these new discs.

The new compilation is actually meant to be a way to promote the re-launch of the library and it will be timed to come out ahead of the remasters.

I think it was originally believed that this was going to come together more quickly, but there is a volume of work still to be done.  This is an amazing step forward and it's wonderful to see The Alan Parsons Project albums be given the treatment they deserve.  So, we still have to wait just a little longer, but I think we can agree the wait will definitely be worth it.

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Alexander Keith
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Postby Alexander Keith » Sat Aug 05, 2006 12:40 pm

I assume this means the end of the line for the Classic Records HDAD releases?? I was hoping they would get to Pyramid in that series (I Robot and TOAFC sounded very nice)