Rolling Stones Decca UK vinyl

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Rolling Stones Decca UK vinyl

Postby Jeff T. » Sat Jan 08, 2011 4:54 am

Hi Luke,

I recall you saying that there are later Rolling Stones Decca UK vinyl issues that are recuts, and in some or all of the cases they are better than the originals. I think these would have been around 1980/81 era. The covers would look exactly like originals except glossy paper used on covers, not laminated. I've seen some Van Morrison's Them albums with what I think is this era of issues you refereed to. Those has Decca boxed labels, were analog, and the whole deal looked pretty vintage except the covers being this glossy paper rather than laminated paper, and the vinyl was also a tad thin. But the mastering did look stunning.

Are these the issues you were mentioning? Or are the labels on these HQ issues the powder blue labels? Perhaps the first appearance of that design. I'd think it was the dark blue Decca, thin vinyl, glossy paper. Please let me know what later Deccas you prefer if any.

I'd appreciate it if you could tell me which of these later Deccas you rate favorably. I have a friend who I am going to help build a collection by buying on ebay and elsewhere, and good reissues can be sometimes the best deal out there. Palm Tree Island issues of Pink Island, early Polydor UK can be very good (not always) for Jimi and Who rather than Track, and stuff like "Time of the Zombies" Orange CBS UK can be the way to get a first UK mastering of Odessey and Oracle cheap. My friend has money but I'd like to not have to spend $60 a record. Last time I sold UK originals of Let it Bleed and Beggars, they went for $65 and $68 each. I'm thinking that good clean boxed Deccas can run 1/2 that, and these later issues of all the early ones might run $16 to $23 on a fair day.

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Re: Rolling Stones Decca UK vinyl

Postby lukpac » Sat Jan 08, 2011 12:49 pm

Sorry, I'm no expert on Stones vinyl. I have a handful of LPs, mostly odd comps, but I don't know much about the various repressings.
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