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Re: Boomer history ends on September 9 (Beatles remasters)

Posted: Fri Jan 17, 2014 1:31 pm
by lukpac

Lance Hall wrote:I get a funny feeling about Help & Rubber Soul and the way they have been referenced. Surely Jeff Jones and the remix crew KNOWS the 1987 remixes are generally hated and do not belong in the legitimate canon. If they are trying to do the catalog "right" and with respect (which they seem to be doing) then WHY would you stick awful remixes in there???? Note that the vintage stereo and mono mixes WILL be on the mono box.

...and not only did they use the remixes in 2009, but they used them again for the latest Capitol box set. Even though George Martin apparently can't even remember making them in the first place.

Lance Hall wrote:I personally think they may use those two albums as an early try-out for remixing the core catalog that we know is coming in two years. The question is whether they'll largely replicate the old mixes OR be "modern"

I seem to recall certain people saying how sure they were about those remixes at the time,'s over 4 years later and still nothing.