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The Grass Roots - Anthology: 1965-1975

Posted: Sat Mar 28, 2009 3:53 am
by Jeff T.
I had a music buddy over tonight to spin discs with. I pulled out that double CD compilation and skimmed around and played the heavies from this group.

Damn those key tracks still sound so good turned up loud. "Wait a Million Years" was hamming away in my living room, pure heaven. My friend did not know the song but agreed I picked a killer few tracks to play. I realized that other than this friend, I don't have any other friends that I can sit down and get them to sit through 30min. of the Grass Roots, plus hours of other old stuff I was playing. I know it's sad kind of. We must count our blessings.

I was one of these tots in 73 or so that did not know that this act was near expiration date. Anyway, near the end of the line for the Grass Roots, they issued the single "Glory Bound" which was fine by my young ears.

I still like this song, and thought I would mention it because no one else will. A killer minor hit from them, I like The Runway a lot too. Those horns just cook don't you think! What a voice Bob Grill had huh! I just knew everyone would agree. You gotta hear these songs loud, and this mastering on the Rhino double is nice at loud levels.

I'm up late and been drinking Bass ale after some Guinness, and listening to old records. My friend left and I've moved to Nina Simone on vinyl, Phillips and Colpix label stuff. I had Petula Clark on too, a couple hits there that still sound amazing. Downtown; The Greatest Hits on Buddha is what I was on. Another good sounding CD.

I also played for my friend my own DVD-R remastered "Music Scene" four hour Laser Disc set. You know that late 60s music show. There is a DVD issued, but they removed CCR and others on the later DVD. My set is the full set minus some of the not funny bits in between songs. Some of those comedy bits did not age well. Anyway, this DVD-R from LD has chapter marks for each song, I thought I did a nice job on three DVD-Rs.

I think it's nice to get a buzz and then listen to some music on a Friday night once in a while. And anytime I play my own DVD remasters is a good time. Just sayin'.

That's all folks!

Re: The Grass Roots - Anthology: 1965-1975

Posted: Sat Mar 28, 2009 10:02 pm
by the 801
I know EXACTLY what yer talkin' about -- I'm currently grooving to Robyn Hitchcock in all his glorious incarnations, buzzed on Cabernet (and moving on to Yuengling lager as I type this) and wishing I could share this with SOMEONE. :(

I guess i just did. :D

Give it to the Soft Boys. :twisted:

Re: The Grass Roots - Anthology: 1965-1975

Posted: Thu Sep 24, 2009 8:52 am
by Ed Bishop
The long lost Grass Roots CD is that mono edition that might never come, the single versions.

That said, they have a long history of remixes/redos, from the first and second album's versions of "Where Were You When I Needed You" to longer fades and remixes heard on the (I presume Rhino) CD referenced here. And I don't have it here to check, but I do remember the set had a mix of content, from mono 45's and stereo Lp versions from back in the day, to remixes from the session tapes (aside from any quad remixing of 16 GH).

ED :)