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Postby MK » Mon Apr 03, 2006 6:30 pm

Stumbled on to the following link while looking into the Police (seeing as that other place is building another useless thread around this topic):

Actual, REAL audio engineers. Here's a thread on the Police remasters: ... 186/0/0/0/

And man, what comic gold! Before the thread devolves into a bitch slapping contest, this is what Dave Collins had to say:

No idea about the original LP releases, but I did master the first CD box set (Message in a Box) as well as other Sting and Police projects.

As far as the chain, the first three records were 1/4" 15 (of course). Repro would have been an ATR-100, bypassing the I/O module, but otherwise stock and in good condition, then to an early two band Davelizer, or perhaps an API 550a. I think I also had some Hycor's but I can't remember. No actual console, just XLR's.

That would feed an UltraAnalog "20" bit A/D converter then to a Yamaha DMC-1000 console and into the bear skin and stone tools version of Sonic Solutions.

For the last two records that were mixed digitally to the JVC system, I'm pretty sure I ran an all digital signal path with just a teeny bit of eq on the Yamaha console.

And yes, I had the LP's available for comparison....
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